Why Donate all proceeds?

I never intended to make money writing a book.  I was really all about just putting some of my experience in writing to maybe help a few others who may be struggling today.  I was really just wanting to leave a little piece of me when my time is up, wanting to maybe leave a legacy.

The last 15 year have been so magical.  It is amazing when you really find your 'why', your purpose, what makes you get up everyday and be happy, fulfilled.  I just want everyone to have that same opportunity, to feel like Everydays a Saturday.

And a big part of that fulfillment is 'giving back'.  I just love the work that Denise Phillips, the Executive Director of Harvest for Humanity has been doing for the past 8-10 years.  Denise has given selflessly to a cause much bigger then herself.  She has given her time and talents, without virtually any compensation, to build a 2.5 acre organic garden, with the sole intent to allow anyone battling cancer to come weekly and get what produce they need to nourish their bodies with proper nutrition. How noble.

And I love what Anthony Miller, Executive Director of The American Foundation of Cardiomyopathy is doing, educating and screening for a deadly heart condition. Anthony should know, he is a survivor of Cardiomyopathy, a heart condition he didn't ever know he had until, at 35 years old, he almost died of a major cardiac event.  Anthony now dedicates his life, his time, to educate and screen kids, teens and adults for this overlooked Heart condition, whose first sign is many times a sudden heart attack. Anthony...noble. 

How about Brian Hazelgren, Executive Director of Go*Vets, and organization whose purpose is to help Veterans return successfully to the work force, and be able to have long, healthy careers, either by being placed with an employer, or starting their own small business.  Brian is an expert in entrepreneurialism, has written many books about it and even launched the Entrepreneur Center at the University of Utah . Brian has a passion about Veterans, what a noble cause. 

And the Rotary Club of South Tempe, Inc.  My father became a Rotarian when I was 13 years old, in 1967.  He is still a Rotarian today, in Pleasant Hills, PA. I grew up with Rotary, was around Rotary's great work, both in each community they serve, and around the world.  Do you know that Rotary is close to eradicating Polio worldwide?  It has been one of the Rotary International missions for the past 20 + years, and we are so, so close. I have developed some great friendships in my time with Rotary.  Rotarians, service above self.  What a noble cause.

How could I not donate all the proceeds from this book to these amazing organizations?  And there are hundreds, and thousands of others out there who need us.  Giving back, makes life so rewarding.