About the Book:

Big changes are occurring in the way goods and services are brought to the marketplace. Challenging the status quo is becoming the norm. A couple guys in San Francisco decided to challenge the status quo, and started Dollar Shave Club. New models and new markets are not only taking market share, but in some cases putting their competitors out of business, think Netflix. Through technology and social media platforms, everyday people are changing the way money is made, i.e. uber and airbnb: and Network Marketing is booming. Technology, the internet, and automation are providing cutting edge ways to generate income. These income innovations have created new careers and opportunities for people to make money from anywhere, including their own homes, without a big investment. If you want to learn how others are making money, starting exciting new careers from home, or just making extra money on the side, this book is for you. Whether you want to make more money or make your money differently, this is the book for you. You do not have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Start Today! 


About the Author:

I woke up one day in late 1999 with a thought…

What if I live my whole life doing the same thing over and over again, earning a living, taking care of family and responsibility, just like everyone else, and that’s it.

Would that be ‘good enough’?

I was 45 years old, married, three wonderful children, living the average middle class life, lots of material things, friends, activities and lots, lots of work. I had been an Executive for a $8 Billion Fortune 500 Retailer, for the past 20 years. I was the Director of Worldwide Franchising and President of International, traveling non-stop (Have been to over 50 countries), a workaholic and became increasingly challenged to continue on. All of the mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, rightsizing, constant tweaking decisions were finally taking a toll. I had lost the passion, what was my purpose? Was this thing called Corporate America what it was held out to be long ago? Was the ‘get a college education, get a good job, work until retirement, live out the rest of your life’ really what it is suppose to be about?

Is that ‘good enough’?

I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t. Not a big shocker, happens to others. But how do you break away, give up the cushy salary, all the benies and perks, take some risk, are you willing?

I was. I did. Resigned, on my terms, burning no bridges along the way. Just left.

It was time to do some major researching, some soul searching, answering a few questions…

• What do I really want to do the second half of my life?
• What’s my purpose here?
• How can I make sure the ‘dash’ means something when I’m gone. (The ‘dash’, 1955 – ? ; yes, that dash)
• If I find my purpose, what I really want to do, how do you ‘fund’ it, fund the second half of your life without working for someone else, without being a slave to your job or Company?

And then it happened.  The Economy started changing, started becoming more 'entrepreneurial'.  And it will only accelerate from here.  For those paying attention, the ride will be phenomenal.  That is why I wrote this book.  It happened to me, it can happen to you. 

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